Premier Industries Corporation

513 North Dixie Highway   Monroe, Michigan 48162

Phone: (734) 241-8474    Fax: (734) 241-0426

Designers and Builders of Special Machinery and Industrial Automation

"Building Quality in Every Job the First Time"

Past Experience

The following is a list of many of the projects and equipment we have completed.

Process Equipment:

Assembly Systems
Automotive Paint Preparation Systems
Automotive Pre-Paint Tackoff, Blowoff, and Vacuum Systems
Cold Spring Hot Set Bulldozers
Digital Readout Classifiers
Headliner Automation and Special Machinery
Headliner Roll Coaters and Process Equipment
Hot Form Benders for Swaybars
Piercing Systems
Robotic Assembly Systems
Robotic System Integration
Sparkplug Process Equipment and Assembly Automation
Staking Systems
Tube Banding Systems
Tube Pierce and Bend Machines
Wire Benders

Glass Manufacturing Equipment:

Blasthead Systems
Break Conveyors
Collared Roll Conveyors
Cullet Conveyors and Hoppers
Furnace Door Boxes
Glass Bending Lehrs
Glass Crusher Systems
Glass Forming Rings, Templates, and Gauges
Glass Transfer Systems
Glass Stacking Systems
Lehr Rolls and Gear Boxes
Lift and Rotate Conveyors
Stemware Forming Machines
Sequential Cooling Systems
Tempering Furnaces


Transfer Automation:

Belt Conveyors
Chain Conveyors
Extendible Conveyors
Indexing Tables
Lift Tables
Pick and Place Systems
Robotic Transfer Systems
Robot Endeffectors
Rollover Systems
Shuttle Systems
Walking Beams

Welding Automation:

Automated Resistance Welding Systems
Automated Projection Welding Systems
Automated MIG Welding Systems
Robotic Welding Systems
Seam Welders
Toggle Press Operated Welders
Welding Dies
Welding Fixtures


Test Equipment:

Air Decay Systems
Bearing Test Stands
Checking Fixtures
Electronic Odometer/Speedometer Test Stands
Engine Assembly Leak Test Systems
Environmental Stress Chambers
ISI Boom and Endeffector Test Stands
Qualifying Gauges

Press Automation:

Blank Destackers
Blank Transfer Automation
Blank Turnover Units
Blank Washers
Hydraulic Die Loaders
Lift Tables
Preform and Loader Units
Roll Coaters


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Last modified: November 25, 2001