• Industry: Automotive
  • Type of Project: Turnkey equipment design and installation
  • Processes: Design, engineering, pneumatics, fabrication, installation

Premier Industries was approached by an automotive supplier who mass produces components for vehicles. The client had a specific requirement for a press to assemble a protective boot onto a spline shaft for a vehicle’s drive system. The customer was working with a small budget for the project and needed a machine that was simple, reliable, and inexpensive. Additionally, they did not want any electrical components involved.

Premier Industries worked closely with the client throughout the design and production process to ensure that the final product met their specific needs and was delivered on-time and within budget. Premier Industries designed, built, and ran off a simple but robust pneumatic press that installed the boot onto the spline shaft repeatedly and reliably. By keeping the design very simple, they were able to complete the project quickly and inexpensively, while ensuring that the machine met the client’s specific requirements.

The new machine provided significant value to the customer, as it allowed them to significantly improve their production process and increase their overall efficiency. The previous machine they had purchased was not reliable and caused significant downtime and lost production. With the new machine provided by Premier Industries, the customer was able to significantly reduce downtime and improve their overall productivity, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Overall, Premier Industries’ ability to design and build a simple, reliable, and cost-effective machine for their client allowed them to significantly improve their production process and increase their profitability, while also reducing their upfront investment in equipment and reducing their overall cost of ownership.


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