• Industry: Automotive
  • Type of Project: Turnkey equipment design and installation
  • Processes: Design, engineering, programming, fabrication, installation

A company in the automotive glass industry approached Premier Industries with a specific need: a special substance needed to be applied to specific locations on a piece of glass quickly, precisely, and consistently. The customer was looking for a turn-key solution where Premier would provide a ready-to-install piece of equipment that met their needs.

Premier Industries’ team of engineers worked closely with the customer to understand their unique requirements and developed a custom solution that met their needs. They designed, built, and tested the mechanical and controls systems for a robot cell that precisely applied the needed substance to pieces of glass. Multiple Fanuc robot arms were integrated into the cell and programmed to function as needed – ensuring precision, accuracy, and consistency in the application process.

The customer was thrilled with the results of the project. With the custom solution, they were able to automate their process, make a more consistent product, and increase throughput. By partnering with Premier Industries, the customer was able to achieve their goals and improve their operations, ultimately driving greater success for their business.


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