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Premier Industries has the expertise and diversity to design and build a wide variety of unique special machinery and automation. We are a Full Service Company offering mechanical designs, controls designs, programming, fabrication, machining, assembly, electrical, pneumatics, and hydraulics all in one facility for convenient service to our customers. We offer a diverse range of services from small fixtures and tooling to medium sized stand-alone custom machines up to large automated systems integrated together with robots, presses, ovens, and transfer lines. Whatever your manufacturing and process needs are, Premier Industries has the concepts and solutions to get the project done right.


The first step in every project is estimating. Each project is researched and reviewed by our experienced estimation team to provide the best concept. The primary objective is to satisfy customer needs and keep the prices competitive without sacrificing quality.

Mechanical & Control Designs

Our design department is staffed with designers experienced in tooling, gages, fixtures, and special machine design. We use AutoCAD 2002 with Mechanical Desktop for 2d and 3D design capabilities. Our IGES and DXF translators can interface directly with our customer’s CAD systems. Controls are designed to any customer specifications.

Fabrication, Machining, and Assembly

Our Facility has 42,000 sq. ft. of floor space with overhead cranes to handle large fabrications and machining projects. Our Assembly Bay has two ten-ton cranes with a  recessed truck bay to handle construction of large machines. Our team is staffed with experienced well-trained trade’s people to handle a diverse range of projects.

Installation and Service Support

We offer customers installation, start-up, and try-out of equipment at the customer’s in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Project Management

We provide a project manager for every project. The requirement is to manage each job to meet the customers specifications for equipment design, construction, quality, run-off capabilities, and delivery schedule. We coordinate with our customers throughout the length of the project to ensure the project meets everyone’s expectations. We use Microsoft Project to coordinate and track all facets of the project. We believe that  successful project management is key in providing a Win-Win situation for both our company and our customers.


Our CNC department uses data supplied by our CAD system or from direct wire transfer from your CAD system to generate intricate tool paths that allow for 3 and 4-Axis CNC machining to create complex parts with 100% repeatability. In addition this machining process greatly reduces the turnaround time for parts and materials.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and Electrical Controls

Our pipefitters and plumbers do complete pneumatic and hydraulic systems to meet JIC Industrial Standards and customer industrial specifications. Our electricians build control panels and complete the machine wiring to meet JIC Industrial Standards and customer specifications.

Equipment List

View some of the equipment Premier uses to design and build our special machinery.

Premier Industries

Premier Industries

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