Premier Industries in Automotive and Transportation Sectors

At Premier Industries Corp, we are dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency in the ever-evolving automotive and transportation industries. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges and demands of these sectors, we provide tailored automation solutions to support our clients in achieving their production goals and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Automotive Manufacturing:

In the automotive manufacturing realm, precision, speed, and quality are of paramount importance. Premier Industries Corp offers cutting-edge automation solutions that encompass a wide spectrum of applications, including:

Solutions We Provide


Engine Components

Our automation solutions optimize the assembly and manufacturing of engine components, ensuring top-notch performance and efficiency.


Fuel System

We provide automation solutions for fuel system components, streamlining production processes to meet industry standards and safety regulations.


Braking System

Premier Industries Corp’s automation systems include processes for the assembly and quality control of braking system components, ensuring reliable and safe braking performance.



We offer precise automation solutions for chassis and suspension component manufacturing, enhancing overall vehicle stability and ride quality.



Our automation solutions encompass the production of sensors used in automotive applications, ensuring accuracy and reliability in data collection.


Safety Restraints

Premier Industries Corp provides automation solutions for the manufacturing of safety restraint components, ensuring passenger safety and compliance with industry standards.


Interior/Exterior Components

We optimize the production of interior and exterior components, enhancing both vehicle aesthetics and functionality.


HVAC System

Our automation solutions cover the assembly and manufacturing of HVAC system components, ensuring passenger comfort and climate control, while contributing to sustainability.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

At Premier Industries Corp, we recognize the dynamic nature of the automotive and transportation industries. Our team of experienced engineers and experts works closely with clients to develop customized automation solutions that address their specific challenges and objectives. Whether it’s enhancing production efficiency, improving product quality, or ensuring compliance with industry regulations, our commitment is unwavering.

With a strong focus on innovation and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of automation technology, Premier Industries Corp continues to empower our clients’ growth and success in the automotive and transportation sectors. Explore our comprehensive range of services and discover how we can help you achieve your manufacturing goals while contributing to the advancement of technology and transportation safety.


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