Bearing Seal Life Cycle & Fatigue Test Machine

//Bearing Seal Life Cycle & Fatigue Test Machine

Manufacturer of Heavy Equipment & Earth Moving trucks needed a design and build of a Dedicated Life Cycle & Fatigue Test Machine for Bearing Seals. The machine had to handle a range of part sizes with faster test speed cycles and defined recording and reporting. We started with a 3D Design Model to accommodate all the range of parts. Due to the rigorous testing requirements, multi axis machine functions were needed. High Speed Servo’s, Load Cell and Tempo Sonics were added to enhance Control Speeds, Forces & Positioning. FEA’s were completed to validate Machine and Control Functions. Premier offered fully customized turn-key design & build solutions for a fraction of the cost of other traditional motion control machine suppliers.

Bearing Seal Life Cycle & Fatigue Test Machine
Bearing Seal Life Cycle & Fatigue Test Machine

The machine meets the following certifications and verifications:

  • 3D Model Analysis
  • FEA’s
  • Data Recording with Repeatability Verifications
  • Authorized AutoCAD
  • Solidworks 3D Designer with FEA Analysis
  • AB Controls Integrator
  • Certified 3rd Party Strain Gage Load Testing Supplier with Serialized Certs
Premier Industries

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