Summary: Premier Industries partnered with a Detroit-based leading automotive company to overhaul a large machine used for regulatory vehicle testing, targeting enhanced reliability and operational speed. Leveraging their engineering and programming expertise, Premier Industries designed a new drive system that accelerated the machine’s operation by an impressive 400%. They also built a new control panel and programmed a PLC to perform customer-specified routines. The result was a drastic increase in productivity and a significant reduction in testing cycle times for the client. This successful project not only strengthened Premier Industries’ relationship with this key customer but also opened doors for future collaborations.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Type of Project: Engineering Upgrade
  • Processes: Design, engineering, programming

Premier Industries recently had the opportunity to work with a leading automotive company based in Detroit, MI, who needed to upgrade a large piece of machinery used for regulatory testing of vehicles. The customer required an improvement in the reliability of the equipment and an increase in its operational speed.

Premier Industries’ team of experts quickly got to work, engineering a new drive system for the machine that enabled it to operate 400% faster. They also designed and built a new control panel and programmed the PLC to operate with preset routines as requested by the customer.

The unique processes and solutions provided by Premier Industries allowed them to meet the customer’s specific requirements and needs. Their expertise in engineering and programming allowed them to deliver a solution that was customized to the customer’s specifications.

The upgrades made to the equipment provided the customer with several benefits, including increased productivity and decreased testing cycle times. The machine now operates faster and more reliably than it did before the upgrades, allowing the customer to complete testing cycles more efficiently.

Premier Industries’ successful collaboration with this leading automotive company has opened up new opportunities for future projects and strengthened their relationship with this valued customer. They take great pride in their ability to provide value to their customers and are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals through innovative engineering solutions.

certifications and verifications
  • 3D Model Analysis
  • FEA’s
  • Data Recording with Repeatability Verifications
  • Authorized AutoCAD
  • Solidworks 3D Designer with FEA Analysis
  • AB Controls Integrator
  • Certified 3rd Party Strain Gage Load Testing Supplier with Serialized Certs