Summary: Facing budget constraints and tight delivery schedules, a manufacturer of driveshaft and half shafts for the North American auto industry approached Premier Industries for the design and build of Dedicated Lean Cell Tools for driveshaft assemblies. Our client also sought a flexible build model to allow for engineer and line operator enhancements during the build process. Leveraging our specialized expertise, we developed a simplified yet adjustable build platform capable of multi-part handling. Importantly, we incorporated on-the-fly project enhancements with minimal impact on cost and delivery. The end result significantly streamlined our client’s production process, effectively balancing quality, speed, and cost-efficiency.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Project Type: Custom Machinery & Automation Design
  • Processes Used: Design, Automation, Flexible Build with Ongoing Enhancements

The client, a prominent manufacturer in the automotive industry, came to us with a very specific challenge: the need for Dedicated Lean Cell Tools for their driveshaft assembly line. They required a solution that not only met their budget and delivery constraints but also allowed for ongoing adaptability for their engineering and line operating teams.

Premier Industries swung into action, creating a simplified build platform that also allowed for adjustability across multiple parts. One of the key advantages of working with us was our ability to provide on-the-fly project enhancements that had minimal impact on delivery times or costs. This was particularly important for the client, who needed the flexibility to make ongoing improvements and adjustments.

Our solution transformed the client’s production capabilities. We gave them the agility to adjust their processes as needed without worrying about the bottom line or compromising on quality. It was an all-around win: better efficiency, greater flexibility, and improved cost management.