Summary: Facing challenges in the manufacturing of stabilizer bars for the North American automotive industry, a manufacturer sought a dedicated Hot Form Bender equipped with Hydraulic Actuators for better metal flow during bending. Premier Industries answered the call, providing a turn-key design and build solution featuring advanced 3D design and simulations to validate bending motions across multiple planes. The results were thoroughly analyzed heated bar trials and gage reviews conducted at our facility, leading to significantly smoother metal flow and more efficient manufacturing processes for the client.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Project Type: Custom Machinery Design
  • Processes Used: 3D Design, Simulation, Manufacturing

The customer, a key player in manufacturing stabilizer bars for the automotive industry, faced a complex issue: they needed to optimize their bending process to facilitate smoother metal flow, and the existing equipment was not up to the task. Their need was for a Hot Form Bender that could operate with Hydraulic Actuators, requiring extensive 3D design and simulations to ensure flawless bending.

Premier Industries, with its deep-rooted expertise in mechanical & controls engineering and custom machinery, was poised to tackle the challenge. We initiated the project with a meticulous 3D design model that accommodated multiple bend planes. By simulating all bending motions, we analyzed the efficacy of each hydraulic actuator function in real-world conditions. This allowed us to fine-tune the design before moving to the build phase. As a full-service provider, we offered a complete turn-key design & build solution. This included conducting heated bar trials and gage reviews at our facility to ensure the machinery met all quality and performance metrics.

The new Hot Form Bender revolutionized the client’s manufacturing process. With the new machine in place, the customer experienced notably smoother metal flow during bending. This, in turn, led to a more efficient manufacturing process, as it minimized errors and reworks, thereby increasing overall productivity.

By providing a custom solution tailored to meet specific challenges, Premier Industries has further cemented its reputation as a reliable partner in the industrial machinery landscape, particularly for those in the automotive sector.

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3D Model Analysis with Motion Simulation for actuator crash avoidance on the tool