Summary: An automotive supplier in the Interior Trim and Specialized Fabric Components sector faced a pressing need to update an outdated conveyor design for a crucial sales demonstration. Premier Industries swiftly re-engineered their old design to new specifications and delivered a made-to-order New Round Belt Light Duty Conveyor within an expedited timeframe. This timely delivery supported the client’s high-stakes sales demo and added to our history of providing rapid conveyor solutions for this valued customer.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Project Type: Conveyor System Update
  • Processes Used: Mechanical Engineering, Custom Machinery Design, Rapid Prototyping

Our client, an Automotive Supplier specializing in Interior Trim and Specialized Fabric Components, had a high-stakes sales demonstration coming up. However, they were hampered by an old, out-of-spec conveyor design that threatened to derail their plans. They needed an upgraded, cost-effective belt conveyor—and they needed it fast.

Understanding the urgency and unique requirements, Premier Industries jumped into action. Leveraging our deep expertise in mechanical engineering and custom machinery, we re-engineered their old conveyor system to meet the new specifications. We provided them with a New Round Belt Light Duty Conveyor tailor-made to fit their exact needs.

What set us apart was our ability to deliver this “non-standard” conveyor at breakneck speed, ensuring our client’s sales demo went off without a hitch. This wasn’t the first time we had come through for this client; over the years, we’ve built several conveyors for them under similar circumstances, each time meeting their specific needs and tight timelines.