Summary: A construction machinery company contracted Premier Industries to design and build a specialized machine for life cycle testing of bearing seals, aiming to understand and mitigate premature seal failures. Premier Industries created a high-speed, multi-functional machine capable of testing three seals simultaneously under various conditions, including axial, radial, and angular deflections. This innovation allowed the client to rigorously test different seal designs, leading to significant improvements in product quality and extended seal life. As a result, the client not only enhanced their product reliability but also achieved considerable cost savings by reducing premature seal failures.

  • Industry: Construction Machinery
  • Type of Project: Turnkey equipment design and installation
  • Processes: Design, engineering, fabrication, installation

Premier Industries was contracted by a construction machinery company to design and build a machine that would conduct life cycle tests on bearing seals. The goal was to identify the cause of premature seal failure and extend the life of their products. The machine needed to be able to deflect the bearing seals axially, radially, and angularly, while also running at a high speed to maximize the number of cycles completed in the shortest amount of time.

Premier Industries developed a solution that allowed for three seals to be cycle tested simultaneously, each being tested either the same or differently. The customer was able to use the machine to test various seal designs and identify ways to improve their product quality by extending seal life.

By using the life cycle test machine built and designed by Premier Industries, the customer was able to save on costs associated with premature seal failure and improve the quality of their products.