Summary: A local manufacturer in the automotive stamping industry faced delays in launching new tools and required an additional local supplier for Semi-Automatic Resistance Welding Tools. Premier Industries stepped in with a turn-key solution, redesigning and building the welding tools within accelerated timelines and budget constraints. Our local proximity enabled on-site engineering consultations for last-minute adjustments, streamlining the customer’s production line and getting them back on schedule.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Project Type: Custom Tool Design & Build
  • Processes Used: Mechanical Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, On-Site Consultation

The client, a local manufacturer specializing in automotive metal stampings, was grappling with delayed tool launch dates. They were in urgent need of another local supplier capable of designing and building Semi-Automatic Resistance Welding Tools that could be integrated seamlessly into their existing production lines.

Premier Industries leveraged its broad expertise in mechanical & controls engineering and custom machinery to offer a solution that ticked all the boxes. We designed the tools in a compatible format, with a focus on accelerated production to meet the customer’s tight launch dates. Moreover, being a local supplier gave us the added advantage of rapid on-site response to any last-minute engineering modifications or consultations.

The outcome was twofold: not only did the customer meet their pressing production timelines, but they also did so within their budget. Our localized service allowed for quick iterations and last-minute adjustments, significantly reducing lead times and putting the client back on track for their new tool launches.