Summary: Premier Industries partnered with a Michigan-based automotive stamping supplier requiring large, custom-fabricated steel frames. Utilizing specialized expertise in large weldment fabrication and precision machining, Premier delivered frames that were not only square and straight but also had mounting pads machined within thousandths of an inch. Executed on time and within budget, the project significantly improved the client’s product quality while also reducing costs. This successful endeavor has strengthened the relationship with the customer and paved the way for future collaborations.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Project Type: Fabrication of large steel frames
  • Processes Involved: Machining, fabricating, welding

Premier Industries had the pleasure of working with a Michigan-based stamping supplier to the automotive industry, who had a unique requirement for some large steel frames that needed to be fabricated and machined according to their drawings. The frames were roughly 8ft wide by 8ft long by 30 inches tall and weighed about 2,000 pounds.

Premier’s team of experts took great care to fabricate and machine all the mounting pads relative to each other within thousandths of an inch, ensuring that the frames were welded square and straight. It was important that all needed surfaces were precisely machined. Premier’s special expertise in large weldment fabrication and precision machining made them the perfect fit for this project.

The customer was looking to fabricate these frames inexpensively and quickly, and Premier’s crew was able to successfully deliver them on time and within the allocated budget. The attention to detail and precise work resulted in a high-quality product that met and exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The success of this project not only resulted in cost savings for the customer but also a significant improvement in the quality of their products. Premier’s unique processes and solutions enabled it to deliver a product that not only met but exceeded the customer’s requirements and needs.

Premier Industries takes great pride in its ability to provide value to their customers, and this project was no exception. Successful collaboration with this automotive supplier has opened up new opportunities for future projects and strengthened the relationship with this customer.